Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Determined2® provides one service called Immersion Therapy™. Immersion Therapy™ is a pool based therapy for people living with a disability or injury that utilises SCUBA equipment. The controlled environment allows complete weightlessness and freedom of movement to stimulate muscle movement against the waters’ resistance. This unique program is becoming recognised for the biopsychosocial benefits that follow. Our staff are dedicated to work with the client through a person-centred approach delivered at the individual’s pace.


When and Where do you operate?

We are currently at:

Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10am-3pm

Port Lincoln Leisure Centre, Tuesdays fortnightly 11am-4pm


What is involved in a ‘Meet and Greet’?

A Meet and Greet is an initial session to see if the Immersion Therapy™ service is right for you. Throughout your Meet and Greet you will be warmly welcomed by a Determined2® staff member and start creating your individual pathway to Immersion Therapy by:

• Meeting the staff

• Viewing the service in action

• Receiving a tour of the facility

• Understanding your personal care needs

• Water entry and exit methods

• Equipment demonstrations out of water

• Understanding your communication methods in and out of the water

• Completion of registration paperwork

• Initial assessment on service suitability

• Information on how to access funding

• Information on Medical Assessment

Please note this is a dry session and you will not be required to get in the water.


What kind of benefits might I receive from participating in Immersion Therapy™?

While every person’s session is tailored to them and no two people are the same, there are some common benefits that have been recorded across a wide consumer group. These include, but are not limited to:

• Improved mobility

• Muscle regeneration

• Increased confidence and self-esteem

• Decreased pain medication

• Improved social skills

• General increases in overall wellbeing


How much does Immersion Therapy™ cost?

Please request a fee schedule by contacting


How do I access funding?

Immersion Therapy™ is an approved service to the following funders:

• Disability SA (DSPP)

• National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

• Return to Work SA

• Employers Mutual (EML)

• Gallagher Bassett (GB)

• Lifetime Support Authority (LSA)

A detailed discussion around how you to access funding suited to you will be provided at your Meet and Greet session.


What if I cannot access funding?


Determined2® is committed to breaking down barriers for people living with disability in our community and where possible will support those who are unable to access funding. These sessions will be funded by Determined2® and before commencing you must have:

• Completed Meet and Greet session

• Completed Medical assessment

• Attempted to access funding

• Make an application directly to Determined2® requesting in-kind funding

All in-kind applications should be sent to


What are the medical restrictions to participate?

A medical assessment is required prior to participating in a full Immersion Therapy™ session. Information on how to receive an Immersion Therapy™ medical assessment will be provided to you at your Meet and Greet.


Can my friend or carer join me in the water?

A friend, family member or carer can join you in the water for an initial session on the condition that they do not interfere with any individual’s session. The additional member will not be permitted to use SCUBA equipment but can use snorkel. If carers, family members or friends desire to undertake Immersion Therapy™, a ‘Give-it-a-Go’ fundraising session is advised.


How do I add Immersion Therapy™ to my NDIS plan?

If you already have a NDIS plan, or are about to have a planning meeting about your NDIS plan, speak to your planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) about adding Immersion Therapy™ to your plan.


What is the minimum/maximum age?

The use of SCUBA equipment can be unsafe for younger children. In line with the medical guidelines, we do not offer the use of SCUBA equipment to children under the age of 10. We can include children under 10 in participating without the equipment, for example on snorkel or just swimming, however, they must have some level of competency in the water as we do not teach swimming lessons. There are no maximum age restrictions.


Do I need to know how to swim?

No. One of the great benefits of Immersion Therapy™ is the ability to breathe underwater using the SCUBA equipment. The goal is to experience a weightless environment where swimming is unnecessary but an individual choice. Some level of competence in the water is required as we do not teach swimming lessons, however, that competence can be built and explored at the individuals pace.


Do I need a medical clearance?

Yes. There is a medical clearance specifically for Immersion Therapy™, which we will discuss with you as part of the Meet and Greet process. You can still access our service and undertake a Surface Sessions while you are waiting for your medical appointment.


How long are the sessions?

Our sessions are booked into our system for 1 hour (60minute) blocks. This allows for 45 minutes of in water time. Please allow extra time for getting changed and getting in and out of the water. This is completely up to your own individual need.


How can I get in/out of the water?

We have a range of options directly at the pool edge to enter and exit the water. This includes: self-entry, stairs, a manual chair lifter and an electronic lifter. The electronic lifter has the option for a chair or sling lift. All of our staff are fully trained on how to use this equipment correctly and safely. Most of all, we want to hear from you about that works best for you. Please note that not all facilities have access to all of these options. Please discuss with your Immersion Therapy™ Provider what options are available at the location you wish to undertake sessions at.


How much notice do I need to give?

Initial sessions (Meet and Greet) can be done on a date and time of your choice within our calendar schedule. You will have access to view this after submitting your application. Ongoing sessions will be dependent upon current booking availability. To cancel a session you must notify us 48 hours prior to your session otherwise a full fee charge will apply.


How many sessions can I attend?

You can attend as many sessions as your current funding allows. We will discuss this with you throughout the process.


What temperature is the water?

The swimming pool is heated and is maintained at approximately 28°C. We provide the option of lavacore thermal wear for additional warmth.


What do I need to bring?

You are not required to bring anything but yourself, your bathers, a towel and a support person if needed to your session. What else you bring is entirely dependent on your individual wants and needs.


What do I wear?

We recommend wearing shorts, leggings or long pants over bathers to ensure comfortability with the equipment that will be worn. A blue top is provided upon arrival which all clients must wear in the water and the option of a thermal lavacore top is given for extra warmth in the water. The blue top and lavacore (if chosen to wear one) must be handed back to a staff member at the conclusion of the session.


Where can I get changed?

The facilities that our service is currently delivered at have public changerooms available as well as standard ambulant and access changerooms. The Adelaide Aquatic Centre also has access to a fully accessible adult sized change table and ceiling hoist systems. More information can be found here:


Can I go Scuba Diving after doing an Immersion Therapy™ session?

No. Immersion Therapy™ does not teach participants to Scuba Dive. We purely use the Scuba equipment to be in a weightless environment which allows freedom of movement in the water. Our medical clearance is only specifically for the Immersion Therapy™ program and does not allow you to Scuba Dive.


I have a diving certificate; do I need to go through the same process to Immersion Therapy™ as everyone else?

Yes. The process is the same for everyone. You will need to have our medical completed before doing full Immersion Therapy™ regardless of previous experience.


I am a person with high needs, can I still participate in the service?

Yes. Our service is designed to include all types of injuries or disabilities and is available to everyone regardless. We will work with you (and your support person if needed) to work out what is best for you as an individual to discover your journey.