Give-It-A-Go FUN-Raiser™
Terms and Conditions


The Give-It-A-Go Fun-Raiser™ was designed and developed as a fundraising service to assist Disability Recreation and Sports SA in raising funds to cover cost associated with providing Immersion TherapyTM services to their non-funded non-compensable members.

Determined2 has no income associated with delivery of this service as 100% of the funds raised is directed to the DRSSA Immersion TherapyTM levy account, any running costs associated with the Give-It-A-Go Fun-Raiser™ is bared by Determined2, in no way is this service a replacement or variation of Immersion Therapy™ which has been specially designed to work with people living with a disability, injury or medical condition in a safe and appropriate manner within the Immersion TherapyTM guidelines.

We only offer this service as a way in which we can help support PWD in our community! It’s our gift to them.


Fitness to participate

Before you attend your session, you must have completed the self-assessment form available via the website HERE you will not be able to participate if you are unable to meet the medical requirements in line with Australian regulations and medical guidelines of “fitness to dive”, you will be expected to be in good health with no assistance required to attend the session, you must be comfortable in water and be able to both independently swim and support yourself in and out of the water.

If you are unable to meet these restrictions in any way we would highly recommend you apply for the Immersion Therapy instead.


Participant Numbers

While the Immersion TherapyTM service is delivered 1 to 1 the Give-It-A-Go FUN-RaiserTM is delivered at a staff to client ratio of 1 to 4 in the water, therefore any independent sessions must have minimum numbers of four fully registered and booked clients to go ahead, the only exception to this is a family or friend wanting to participate in someone’s Immersion Therapy session or where existing booking times in the online calendar exist, please refer to the online booking page


Age Limitations

The use of SCUBA equipment can be unsafe and very dangerous for younger children, in line with medical guidelines we do not offer use of the equipment to children under the age of 10, for further information you should seek professional advice from your local hyperbaric specialist, you can find your local specialist by visiting the SPUMS website

We can include children under 10 in participating without the equipment for example on snorkel or just swimming, they must have a high level of competency in water, we do not teach swimming lessons.



Please refer to our 48-hour cancellation policy which will be strictly enforced, you can a copy of our 48-hour cancellation policy HERE .