With a Controlled SCUBA ExperienceTM



My name is Peter Wilson and I am really excited to introduce you to a Controlled SCUBA ExperienceTM in a fun, safe environment with the aid and training of professionally certified dive instructors. We hold all relative insurances specific to the Controlled SCUBA ExperienceTM.


We started in October 2015 and conducted trials with Ben - a 21 year old who has a c4-c5 complete spinal cord injury. While working with Ben we developed our Immersion TherapyTM Program.

The Immersion TherapyTM Program has been developed to allow special consideration to people with disabilties, injuries or medical conditions that may have excluded them previously and our Give-It-A-Go FUN-RaiserTM Program (where suitable) is available to anyone.


In 2007 I was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident which left me fighting for my life. I have since been left with a 47% total body impairment. After a long recovery period I got involved in recreational scuba diving, not knowing just how much it would help with my longer term recovery.


From this personal experience I thought about how I could introduce everyone and anyone to a similar experience - focused more around the therapeutic benefits of being weightless, rather than recreation and open water diving. I quickly learnt that many people would be very keen to feel the effects of weightlessness, and enjoy freedom of movement.


Since our first trials we have held multiple sessions with people with a variety of disabilities.  Safety is our first priority and we have taken every precaution to understand the needs of our clients. We have been guided by Dr David Wilkinson, Director of Hyperbaric Medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, who has developed a specific medical assessment for our Controlled SCUBA ExperienceTM : Immersion TherapyTM Program. All Immersion TherapyTM clients receive a medical assessment with key standards specific to the program.


Click here to see our Immersion TherapyTM Program or send us a message on our contact page.

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We look forward to seeing you under the water soon".



About us

  "Never be afraidto follow your dreams,you just never know
where they may take you"


Our programs are for people who wish to create their own positive memories.

Here at Determined2 we are determined to offer experiences tailored to the individual, after all it's their journey not ours.


We can assist by tearing down the walls of misconception accessing financial support and delivery of the program.

The Immersion TherapyTM Program has many benefits including being active while in a weightless environment, it can also be very rewarding socially as most people love sharing their stories from around the world and helping others create theirs.


We have developed a fun, safe and exciting way to experience SCUBA while never leaving the comfort of your local pool.
This removes many of the barriers that currently exist. We are very excited for the future and hope you will join us along the way.

kind regards,

Peter Wilson

Managing Director, Determined2
Founder of the Immersion Therapy
TM  & Give-It-A-Go FUN-RaiserTM Programs

  "Never be afraidto follow your dreams,you just never know
where they may take you"